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    Why freight rates increase?

    Hi, Do you know why the freight rates increase in the seafreight business?
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    Did sea freight rates stabilize already?

    Hi, Since corona spread out through the world, the sea freight rates exploded but do you know if they are stabilized already or how long this can take before it gets back to normal? I heard that there are rates of $11.000 for a 40ft container from China to Europe. I hope this calms down since...
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    What's the booking time of an Antonov?

    Hi, I was wondering what the booking time would be if you need an Antonov airfreight charter. Does anyone know how long it takes before you can fly?
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    Airfreight Quote Request Amsterdam (Netherlands) > Peking (China)

    I need to ship this cargo. Any rates?
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    Testing Thread

    This is a testing thread!