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  1. Pravin K.

    New York Congestion

    Hi All, Day by day NY port congestion is getting worse. Our truckers went to pick up the container and return empty-handed. They are not giving slots to return the empty containers as well. We waited 7 days to return one empty container. If anyone is planning to send goods to NY, please...
  2. Pravin K.

    Seafreight Quote Request Tuticorin (India) > Chittagong (Bangladesh)

    Please quote for both 20ft and 40 ft
  3. Pravin K.

    Airfreight Quote Request Qasim (Pakistan) > New Jersey (USA)

    Please quote the below
  4. Pravin K.

    Seafreight Quote Request Shanghai (China) > New York (USA)

    Please quote 40 HC from Shanghai to NY port
  5. Pravin K.

    Seafreight Quote Request Qingdao (China) > Rhone-Alpes (France)

    Delivery address : Amazon Fulfillment Center Satolas,Parc des Chenes Nord Rue du Brisson, Batiment IDC9 Satolas-et-Bonce, Rhone-Alpes 38290 FR (XOR2) 125 cartons Box dimension 48*38*28,8 cm Total weight : 1125Kg GW CBM : 6,57 100 cartons Box dimension : 60*38*28 cm Total weight : 1100Kg GW CBM...
  6. Pravin K.

    LCL Shipments

    In the USA, a container with consolidated shipments will be taken to the port warehouse. They will unload, and palletize the goods, of course, there will be charges for these services. Once available, you can send the trucker for pick up. They will charge for pallets as well, it varies from $10...
  7. Pravin K.

    Bob tail fees

    In the USA, some of the trucking companies charge bob tail fees for container deliveries. Truckers pick up the container from the port and deliver it to the 3PL and the Warehouse takes 2 to 3 days for unloading. Once unloaded, they have to go back only for picking up and drop the empty...
  8. Pravin K.

    Covid Lockdown in China (Shanghai)

    Hi all, I am not sure whether you all are aware of this, China Government has imposed a lockdown in Shanghai because of which port warehouses are closed and logistics are also restricted. We have an LCL shipment planned for the 13th of April's vessel, and because of this, we are facing an...
  9. Pravin K.

    TForce Freight

    In April 2021, UPS sold its road freight business to "TFI International" and has been rebranded as "TForce Freight". UPS trucks were merged with the existing TFI existing truckload.
  10. Pravin K.

    Check list

    What is check list?
  11. Pravin K.

    DHL shipment

    Last week we faced a different issue with DHL shipment. Our US team sent the samples of 6 pcs from Boston, USA to Chennai, India. They mentioned 1 pc in the description, DHL took this to examination. They asked to provide the letter stating these are not for sale and there were so many phone...
  12. Pravin K.

    Seafreight Quote Request Sihanoukville (Cambodia) > New York (USA)

    Planning to move a 20ft container goods from port Sihanoukville, Cambodia to New York, USA. The shipper will hand over the goods at the origin port, we will take care of destination custom clearance and delivery. Need only port to port service. Total CBM: 28
  13. Pravin K.

    Shuttle truck

    Shuttle trucks are another option you can go to instead of LTL. LTL truckers will take to the terminal and another trucker will be assigned for the delivery. Whereas shuttle truck is only for your goods, it can carry up to 4 pallets.
  14. Pravin K.

    Instructions in BL - Inside USA

    All the delivery instructions should be mentioned in the Bill of Lading. For example, operation hours, if an appointment is required, if closed on special occasions. These details should be mentioned in the BL given to the trucker. The trucking company operates on seeing the instructions in the...
  15. Pravin K.

    Consolidation shipments

    If you are consolidating shipments (2 or more supplier's goods in a container) you will be charged per BL at the destination.
  16. Pravin K.

    No OBL is required for Air shipments

    Hi All, I have dealt with both air and sea shipments. For Sea shipments, the destination agent will release the freight only if they receive the Original Bill of Lading (OBL) from the consignee's bank or express release BL from the origin forwarder. This is not required in air shipments...
  17. Pravin K.

    Vessels from Port Tuticorin to New York

    Hi All, All the vessels from port Tuticorin, India are feeder vessels and will be through port either port Colombo, Sri Lanka or port Mundra, India. There is no direct vessel from Tuticorin to New York.
  18. Pravin K.

    Nhava Sheva and Mundra port

    Hi All, I believe you all are aware of port Nhava Sheva and port Mundra on the west coast of India. LCL shipments are possible only from port Nhava Sheva. Port Mundra accepts only FCL shipments
  19. Pravin K.

    India, Pakistan, China to USA

    Hi All, I have experience in shipping 40 ft containers from India (Tuticorin and Nhava Sheva), China (Shanghai and Qingdao) and Pakistan (Qasim) to the USA (New York, Savannah, Everglades). I will be happy to answer if you have any queries and also would like to know your experiences Thanks Pravin
  20. Pravin K.

    Telex release vs Express release

    There is a small difference between Express release and Telex release. Can someone explain? Thanks