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  1. Roselex D.

    Requirements fod hazardous materials in USA

    Hi everyone, I have an importation of hand sanitizer going to USA this is categorized a hazmat materials based on the customs regulation in USA, may I ask what are the permits needed for this shipments going to USA? Thank you
  2. Roselex D.

    LCL consolidation advantage and disadvantage

    Advantage: The advantagd of consolidation of shipments is the process of combining several smaller shipments from different senders to reduce transport costs Which is favorable to the importer. The goods are transported in one container, which allows for reducing the shipping freight and...
  3. Roselex D.

    Customs regulations in Kuwait for Antigen Test

    What is customs regulations in Kuwait for Antigen Test? And what are required permits?
  4. Roselex D.

    What is Letter of Credit?

    A letter of credit or LC is a written document issued by the importer’s bank (opening bank) on importer’s behalf. Through its issuance, the exporter is assured that the issuing bank will make a payment to the exporter for the international trade conducted between both the parties. The importer...