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  1. Ferlita T.

    Seafreight Quote Request Guangdong (China) > Seattle (USA)

    Is it mandatory that that there is no wood packaging materials if the shipment is bound to US?
  2. Ferlita T.

    Documents needed in the importation of goods

    Is certificate of origin document required in the importation of goods?
  3. Ferlita T.

    Issues encountered in Project Transport

    What are the issue you've encountered in Project Transport?
  4. Ferlita T.

    Requirements for the importation of oil & gas to US

    What are the requirements in importing oil & gas to US?
  5. Ferlita T.

    Commonly use incoterms

    What are the commonly used incoterms?
  6. Ferlita T.

    What type of B/L is better to use?

    For the purpose of releasing the cargo, which B/L type is better to use Original Bill of Lading or Telex Release?