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  1. Amro A.

    India, Pakistan, China to USA

    Did you have to do anything particular since I knew shipping jeans to the USA had certain rules? Didn't exactly remember what though. It's been years ago I go that request.
  2. Amro A.

    LCL Shipments

    They are mostly handled first to port warehouses that handle consolidated shipments indeed.
  3. Amro A.

    Bob tail fees

    Interesting, never heard of it, to be honest.
  4. Amro A.

    Covid Lockdown in China (Shanghai)

    Also, inform your client in advance but they probably know since it's all over the news. But they must shift their demands indeed of look for different routes.
  5. Amro A.

    Shuttle truck

    Here in the Netherlands, we have Sprinters that are L2H2 which stands for height 2 and length 2 and they can load around 5-6 pallets. But these are bounded to a weight restriction though.
  6. Amro A.

    TForce Freight

    Was that only in the USA?
  7. Amro A.

    DHL shipment

    In my opinion, DHL is an amateur club that you need to avoid even if it means you'll pay a bit more. Better use FedEx or UPS for the matter. But when declaring 1 piece when they are actually 6 is asking for issues, to be honest. But anyway, you solved the problem.
  8. Amro A.

    Instructions in BL - Inside USA

    In that case, the receiving broker (partner at destination) will contact the consignee to arrange and schedule the delivery. That is how I have always done it since then you don't interfere with country-specific details.
  9. Amro A.

    Shuttle truck

    Yes, we use Mercedes Sprinters for these matters. They lean towards courier services more than freight forwarding or haulers.
  10. Amro A.

    Instructions in BL - Inside USA

    Hi @Pravin K. To be honest, we never did this here in the Netherlands since we viewed this as the shipper's responsibility to take care of the fact that the consignee is at the destination at the point of delivery. But good point though. Never thought about it.
  11. Amro A.

    Customs regulations in Kuwait for Antigen Test

    Hi @Roselex D., I have been searching for you but the only source I could found was the following one: I hope this slightly helps!
  12. Amro A.

    IATA Cargo TACT Rules and Rates

    Hi Martin, You need to be an IATA Tact customer right? I only deal with container shipping but I looked it up for you and I think this is the page that gives you the correct information. I hope this helps!
  13. Amro A.

    Approved Freight Forwarders In China

    Hi Martin, I would suggest starting at IATA to review who is an IATA member to know they are certified. You can find the link here: That way you can start your initial due diligence. And also review their website to see how...
  14. Amro A.

    Commonly use incoterms

    I like to offer DAP to clients since it increases average order value!
  15. Amro A.

    What is Letter of Credit?

    Very nice post @Roselex D. and welcome to the team. I have done an LC myself before for a client with an LC service provider who managed all the paperwork and in our case back then, we also had conditions in the LC like loading of the containers below deck because of the saltwater and since the...
  16. DSV improves warehouse operations with drone system

    DSV improves warehouse operations with drone system

    In a collaboration with tech innovator Verity, DSV is implementing an autonomous drone system to minimise disruption and improve the quality of its warehouse...
  17. Amro A.


    Happy you found the solution. I must say that I haven't got prior experience with shipping animals or art. Always tricky with a lot of emotions involved so... Nice find!
  18. Cargolux Corporate Video

    Cargolux Corporate Video

    Cargolux Corporate Video
  19. Amro A.

    What's the biggest multimodal shipment you did?

    Hi, I was wondering, what is the biggest multimodal shipment you ever did in your career? I have done 24 containers in one time to Indonesia. I had to transport around 400 km inland to Bandung and deliver the cargo there. It was quite a project but I enjoyed it since it almost went flawless, at...
  20. Amro A.

    Total containers in a vessel

    They have separate vessels off course.